Local Products

Serving Lumby Since 2007

Serving Vanhoutte Premium & Organic Coffee Blends as well as their Excellenza Coffee Barista machine to increase your coffee experience, also  offering fresh ground beans for your lattes, espresso mochas and more.
Check out our David’s Tea bags for you tea toadlers!

We supply a great assortment of creams for your coffee or tea also!

Donuts and a variety of breakfast items to go with your morning coffee!

Did you know You can Purchase a full meal here at the Snac Shac! We have something to offer for every meal!
Pair your meal with our selection of vegetables, Carrots, Peppers, Cucumbers, Onions & Potatoes

Offering Local Farmers & Vendors Products

Pig City Pork– pork chops, roasts, bacon, breakfast sausage, breakfast patties, sausage rounds, pepperoni and more!

Silverhills Lowline Beef – roasts, steaks, stew meat and ground beef

Baba’s Country Kitchen – offering a wide selection of home made perogies, cabbage rolls, lasagne, and meat pies

Stacy’s Canning offering jars of home garden and fruit canning

Sonya’s Catering assorted sandwhich styles, super tasty & filling – improve the flavour ….Get Yours Toasted!

All these from our own town here in Lumby

Offering Special order Milk in Glass Bottles

As well as many other products from Dutchman Dairy a Local Dairy in Sicamous


Nestle Ice Cream Scoop request a Waffle Cone to up the Icecream Experience! Novelties & Take home Tubs available (I can supply the list if you require)

Smoothest Slushes in the Valley 4 flavour Barrels always changing for your satisfaction

Creamiest and thickest Ice Caps

Best selection of beverages in town

Coke, Pepsi, Redbull and many more to quench your thirst

Lays, Old Dutch

Dairy Land Great assortment of products for your every need

Of course we do sell cigarettes all brands as well as Vape Juice.

Get your Game on with BC Lotto & Keno

Candy? We got it! And if we don’t have what you want well bring it in! Just let us know!

Take out – Top Sellers Quick and Easy Pepperoni Cheese Sticks, Taquitos & Roller Bites all cooked in 2 min or less in our super fast Amanna Oven!

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Corn dogs, Meatballs on a stick, Breakfast Wraps, Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwiches & Chicken fingers & wedges! We are always adding more items to keep it interesting and keep your taste buds happy!

No internet? Rent a New Release movie for $2.25 Snac Shac is where is at!

ATM available for your money needs!

Offering Local Farmers & Vendors Products

Pork from Pig City

Pork chops, roasts, bacon, breakfast sausage, breakfast patties, Sausage round, pepperoni, 


Silverhills Lowline Beef

Roasts, Steaks, Stew Meat & Ground Beef  


Stacy’s Canning

Offering Jars of Home Garden & Fruit Canning.


Sonya’s Sandwiches

Assorted styles, super tasty & filling  – Improve the Flavour ….Get yours Toasted!



Offering a wide selection of Home Made Perogies, Cabbage Rolls, Lasagne, & Meat pies


All these from our own town here in Lumby