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Fresh ground coffee from Van Houtte

Coffee: Premium Fair Trade & Organic Blends

Serving Vanhoutte Premium & Organic Coffee Blends as well as their Excellenza Coffee Barista machine to increase your coffee experience with Fresh Ground beans for your lattes, espresso mochas and more.

Check out our David’s Tea bags for you Tea Toadlers!

We supply a great assortment of creams for your coffee or tea also!

Donuts to go with your morning Coffee!

Local Products

All these from our own town here in Lumby

We have something to offer for every meal!


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Healthy Choices

This small business is one of the very best in our community. The owner and staff go out of their way to provide excellent and friendly service in a clean, convenient and well-stocked location.
Just ask and they will try to bring in and provide the lowest prices on any products you wish for.

Melinda Friesen Thompson

This small business exemplifies what customer service is all about. From the day Talon and I moved to Lumby Dawn and her staff have treated Talon with so much dignity and they make us feel welcome in their little store. Talon is non verbal and the staff always great him. He has high needs and the staff always accommodate him.
This tiny space also packs a huge punch when it comes to product selection. If you ask Dawn to carry a specific product she goes out of her way to find it for you.
The community is enriched when we have businesses like Snac Shac in them.

Debra Bob

Snac Shac is my favorite place to hangout the staff is great and the customers are a blast to visit with.

Celia Beerstra